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Books and Material for General Studies Paper-I MPPSC Mains 

MPPSC has changed the pattern of mains examination taking out the optional subjects out and reducing the number of papers to 6.

The total marks for Mains now are 1575, 1400 for written examinations and 175 for the interview.

There are four papers for General studies - GS -I, GS- II, GS-III & GS-IV somewhat similar to the UPSC Mains general studies paper pattern

One exam for (5) General Hindi and another for (6) Hindi Essay Writing.
Papers & Breakup of the Marks

Please check the below link for the official syllabus pdf from MPPSC:

Official Syllabus PDF from MPPSC

--Some topics of General Studies--

  •  History of Modern India and Indian culture

The History of Modern India will cover history of the Country from about the middle of nineteenth century and would also include questions on important personalities who shaped the freedom movement and social reforms. The part relating to Indian culture will cover all aspects of Indian culture from the ancient to modern times.

Read India's Struggle for Independence By Bipin Chandra and others.
  • For Culture part which is covered from ancient to modern times you can follow book released by Spectrum on Indian Culture and can also follow Ministry of Culture Website.

  •  Geography of India

In this part, questions will be on the physical, economic and social geography of India.

  • NCERT of 11th and 12th Standard are Sufficient.

  • Indian Polity

This part will include questions on the Constitution of India, Political system, Indian Administrative system and related matters.

  • Indian polity by Lakshmikanth.
  • Indian Constitution by D D Basu.
  • Latest Policies, latest Schemes and Bills from GOI website.
  • PIB Website

  •  Current National issues

This part is intended to test the Candidate's awareness of current national issues
  • The Hindu Newspaper will cover the daily Current Affairs Part.

  •  International Affairs & Institutions

This part will include questions on important events in world affairs and on international institutions.

  • For Institutions directly go to their respective sites or refer Wikipedia.
  • Similar to the national current affairs part international affairs will be covered by daily reading of Newspapers.

  • Indian Economy

In this part, questions will be on the planning and economic development in India, economic & trade issues, Foreign Trade, the role and functions of I.M.F., World bank, ADB, W.T.O. etc.

  • IGNOU Material on Indian Economy.
  • Class 9th and 10th NCERT on Economics.
  • Also Economics section of News Daily for latest policy decisions and reviews.
  • Economic Survey and Budget Analysis.

  • Developments in the field of Science & Technology, Communication and Space

In this part, questions will test the candidate's awareness of the developments in the field of Science & Technology, Communication and space and also basic ideas of computers.

  • Science NCERT upto Class 10th
  • This Section mainly focus on latest developments in the field of SnT, So you have to look in daily news for articles related to Science, Technology ,IT Sector etc.
India and the World

This part is intended to test candidate's awareness of India's relationship with the world in various spheres, such as the following : Role of India in the context of world. Foreign Affairs, External security and related matters, Nuclear Policy

Indian Agriculture

Attempt will be made to assess the general awareness of candidates in respect of crops, white revolution, green revolution, agriculture production and their impact on development of rural economy.

  • Read about Indian Agriculture from NCERT books 
  • And then Refer Ministry of Agriculture site for latest Statistics,data,Crop pattern


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  3. hey sir, can you please tell me the syllabus of hindi in mains ??

  4. Great work sir,thanks alot for your guidence.please tell any good book for mp gs

  5. Hi Sanu,
    Not many books are available for MP GS, according to me arihant gs book would be a better choice.

  6. India's Struggle for Independence By Bipin Chandra and others.

  7. Thanks for the informative updates. Liked your blog very much it is very helpful for students.
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  8. sir mppsc mains syllabus got changed .. plz suggest something related to this ... related books for gs 1,2,3,4,and hindi and essay... and source to buy them . thank you

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