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As all of you might have calculated your MPPSC Prelims score held on 24th Feb,2013 it's time you start preparing for your Mains even if you are slight confident of scoring above the estimated cutoff ,as it requires great amount of effort and time covering entire General Studies of India,Madhya Pradesh apart from two optionals chosen by you.Most Probably mains would be held around Nov-Dec but you should complete your preparations by October end due to unertainity of MP PS Commission.

                                    MAINS PATTERN

(1) Written Examination - The Written examination will consist of seven papers of conventional essay type questions as given below: -

(a) Compulsory Papers

Paper I General Studies 3 hrs. 300 Marks
Paper II General Studies 3 hrs. 300 Marks
Paper III General Hindi 3 hrs. 300 Marks
(b) Optional Papers
Any two subjects 3 hrs. 300 Marks for are to be selected each paper each subject will have two papers.
Paper IV
Paper V
Paper VI
Paper VII

(2) Interview Test 
 The interview test will carry 250 marks.

Paper-I General Studies covers GS Portion related to India as a whole whereas Paper-II covers GS part of MP


1. History of Modern India and Indian culture
The History of Modern India will cover history of the Country from about the middle of nineteenth century and would also include questions on important personalities who shaped the freedom movement and social reforms. The part relating to Indian culture will cover all aspects of Indian culture from the ancient to modern times.

2. Geography of India
In this part, questions will be on the physical, economic and social geography of India.

3. Indian Polity
This part will include questions on the Constitution of India, Political system, Indian Administrative system and related matters.

4. Current National issues
This part is intended to test the Candidate's awareness of current national issues.

5. International Affairs & Institutions
This part will include questions on important events in world affairs and on international institutions.

6. Indian Economy
In this part, questions will be on the planning and economic development in India, economic & trade issues, Foreign Trade, the role and functions of I.M.F., World bank, ADB, W.T.O. etc..

7. Developments in the field of Science & Technology, Communication and Space
In this part, questions will test the candidate's awareness of the developments in the field of Science & Te chnology, Communication and space and also basic ideas of computers.

8. India and the World
This part is intended to test candidate's awareness of India's relationship with the world in various spheres, such as the following : Role of India in the context of world. Foreign Affairs, External security and related matters, Nuclear Policy.

9. Games & Sports
Questions will assess the awareness of candidates in respect of games and sports at international and national level. It will also have questions pertaining to different awards and personalities in the context of India.

10. Indian Agriculture
Attempt will be made to assess the general awareness of candidates in respect of crops, white revolution, green revolution, agriculture production and their impact on development of rural economy.

                            PAPER – II

                                 Part - I
          General Introduction of Madhya Pradesh

1. Geography
General Introduction of Madhya Pradesh, area, topography and structure, physical and geographic areas and climate.

2. Natural Resources of Madhya Pradesh
Mineral Wealth. Forest Wealth and Wild Life. Agriculture and Live stock, Regional distribution of crops, planned
development of Agriculture, Green Revolution, Development of Live
stock. Water Resources - Development of Irrigation and Irrigation projects.

3. Human Resources
Population, Population Density, Urban and Rural population, Literacy and Labours.

4. Energy Resources
Questions will attempt to assess the general awareness of condidates about the conventional and non-conventional sources of energy and their uses in human life.

5. Industries
Attempt will be made to assess the general awareness of candidates about the types and size of industries and their impact on state economy.

6. Environment
Questions will be related to environment and its protection, pollution, natural climates and their impact on quality of human life.

7. Planning and Evaluation
Attempt will be to assess the general awareness of candidates about different aspect of five year plans till date, various programmes of urban and rural development, economic planning and its evaluation and status of Madhya Pradesh in the context of Country.

8. Administrative Structure of Madhya Pradesh
Questions will be related to general knowledge of candidates about
administrative units - Division, District, Tehsil and Development- Blocks; their relationship and administrative structure.

9. Rural and Urban Administrative Structure
Questions will be pertaining to the general knowledge of candidate about organization and administrative structure of Pachayati Raj, Municipality and Municipal corporation.

10. Games and Sports
Attempt will be made to assess the awareness of candidates related to organization, management and facilities for different games and sports. The questions will also be related to different State awards, and personalities and contribution of Government and non Government agencies.

                                          Part – II
Culture, Literature, Music, Dance, Arts and History of Madhya Pradesh

1. Culture
The questions will be related to nature, types their salient features and impact on human life.

2. Literature
(1) Ancient - Kalidas, Bharthari, Bhavbhuti, Vanabhatta.
(2) Medieval - Keshav, Padmakar, Bhushan.
(3) Modern - Pandit Makhanlal Chaturvedi, Subhadra Kumari
Chauhan, Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh, Balkrishna Sharma
"Navin", Bhavani Prasad Mishra, Harishankar Parsai, Sharad
Joshi, Mulla Ramoozi, Shiv-Mangal Singh, Suman and Nanddulare Vajpai
(4) Folk Literature / Dialects of Madhya Pradesh. Isuri, Singaji..

3. Music & Dance Tradition
(1) Music Tradition - Tansen, Ustad Allauddin Khan, Ustad Hafiz
Ali Khan, Pandit Krishna Rao, Shankar Pandit, Rajabhaiya
Poonchwale, Ustad Amir Khan, Kumar Gandharva, Maharaj
Chakradhar Singh Pandit Kartik Ram.
(2) Dance tradition - Major s tyles of folk music, major folk dances.

4. Arts
Questions of general nature will be related to characteristics of Rock painting, folk panting, modern painting school and important painters. It will also have questions related to major folk and other theatres.

5. Major Scheduled Tribes
It will assess the general awareness of candidates related to names, characteristics, habitats, major fairs and festivals and cultural structure of major scheduled tribes. It will also have questions related to different programmes of State Government for the upliftment of Scheduled Tribes.

6. Programmes of State Government in the field of Culture
The questions will attempt to assess general knowledge of the candidate related to literasy academics and institutions. The questions will also be related to different Music and Fine Arts Schools and Cultural festivals. There will be questions awards given by the state for the significant contribution in the filed of literature, music and fine arts.

7. Archaeological Heritage
The questions of general knowledge will be related to significance and characteristics of major historical, archaeological and tourist places.

8. Historical perspective of Madhya Pradesh
The questions will be related to creation of M.P. and important dynesties and rules of M.P., It will also have questions related to contribution of M.P. in freedom movement.


  1. hi friendz...

    I m preparing for mppsc mains with geo. & pub ad.I need ur help to find geo mains question papers of previous year.please if some one can let me know.i need it in english medium.

  2. Brother can upload question paper of main (special exam 2010) held on January 2013-
    i am waiting

  3. sir , thanks for "nice piece of work "
    I have to give mppsc mains this year with pub ad and sociology as optional .
    please provide me information about study material for general studies and these optional and e-notes if available .
    my mail id is
    plz reply soon

  4. Thank You Sir for the help.
    Can you also post previous year's question papers?
    We'll be grateful.

  5. I agree with your comment. There is no information available for MPPSC online.

    Your blog was very helpful. So which books you will recommend for Paper I,II and III.?

    and for Geography and Political sciences. (All for Hindi medium). Thanks

    And possible location to buy them from Bhopal (preferably) or Indore.

    Many Thanks

  6. can u tell me any good book for geography of Madhya Pradesh. and also for general Mp facts thanks

  7. Hello Sir,
    Your hard work is much appreciated. I am preparing for UPSC with history optional. I am planning to appear in MPPSC this year but very confused regarding 2nd option.I want to go with Military science. Could you pls give me pros and cons. Why military science for me ? because it covers major part of history and therefore suitable for me. If you could also upload old papers, it would be of great help. Thnx in advance

  8. Yes, Military science would be best option for you, it has small and overlapping syllabus with History, So you can prepare for it easily.
    As you are focusing on UPSC, you should obviously look for the 2nd optional with most overlapping syllabi to your 1st optional also MS has less syllabus compared to other optionals. Any different optional will require your more time than Military Science which is very crucial for UPSC.
    Sorry, I don't have old papers, last 10 years papers are available at bookstores,.

  9. i m siting 4 this exam 4 the frst time can u plz suggest me some good books , esp general studies part that i can start studying plz also let me knw how to go through these books as learning so much of gk in little time is difficult my email id is

    1. Get an idea about the pattern, go through the last year prelims papers and syllabus.
      For General Studies go for Arihant MP General Studies book , and any good book for General Knowledge and Current Affairs like TMH, Arihant, Competition Wizard.
      for Paper-II practice the topics in the syllabus from R.S Aggrawal or any other Aptitude book you have.

  10. Sir, i am preparing for Mppsc mains. My 1st Optional is Sociology. I am confused between Criminology and military science for second optional.
    PLEASE HELP and Guide me!!


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